America’s State Parks
From the grandeur of Niagara Falls to the wild landscapes of the Alaskan frontier,
enjoy a virtual guide to some of our most breathtaking parks and wilderness areas.
Joe Yogerst
Journalist and Travel Writer

Encompassing over 18 million acres of land, America’s state parks feature a variety of adventures that is nothing short of astounding.
Embark on a riveting adventure through over 100 state wilderness areas stretching from New England to the Hawaiian Islands. In lectures that touch on everything from environmental science to biology, you’ll ford rivers, climb mountains, drive through deserts, and snorkel along coral reefs in different regions of the country, including the Florida Keys, the Alaskan frontier, and the Colorado Rockies.
You’ll learn how these state parks came into existence, what makes them such a special part of America’s story, and how to get the most out of your visit, whether you’re looking for historical insights, panoramic views, or a rejuvenating hike. You’ll also get a list of top things to see, such as Beaming Barney at Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, a towering red-and- white coastal lighthouse erected in 1859 that offers panoramic views of the Jersey Shore, and Fort Adams in Rhode Island, a massive masonry bastion constructed after the War of 1812 to protect the United States’s Eastern Seaboard from future attacks.
Whether you’re preparing for your next vacation or just want to explore the world alongside an expert travel writer, these lectures are a window into the astounding variety of natural, historical, and recreational treasures right in our nation’s backyard.

The Wonders of America’s State Parks