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Joe also takes on media and communications projects for companies, government agencies and private individuals internationally. His gigs run a gamut from corporate books, ebooks, itineraries, blogs and brochures to photography, video scripts, recorded interviews, website writing, press releases and advertorials. Joe’s  private and public sector clients include FEMA and UNESCO to rum makers, cruise lines, travel firms and luxury hotels. 

Corporate Content

LA Times

Not your Grandma’s Catalina

When’s the last time you took the ferry over to Catalina?

If it’s been a while, you might be surprised at how much the island has changed – and yet, how much it hasn’t. Catalina is still the scenic, charming, slightly adventurous slice of bygone Southern California it’s always been. But there’s just a lot more to do these days besides eating or drinking along the Avalon waterfront or lounging on your yacht. MORE

Take some Time, Take a Breath…Take the Train

Songs like “Chattanooga Choo-Choo” and “Marrakesh Express,” beloved holiday movies and even the latest action thrillers reflect our ongoing obsession with the romance and adventure of train travel. MORE

The sporting event(s) of the century

With Formula 1 and the Super Bowl both landing in Vegas, how does the sports fanatic choose? More

Home of ‘Lido’ shuffle

The Famed Showgirl show may be Vegas history, but the signage lives large and luminously a the Neon Museum More


Climate change’s surprising first responders: California almond farmers

What do you do with a degree from UCLA that combines environmental science and conservation biology? For Mallvinder Kahal, it was a no brainer. He returned to the family farm in California’s Central Valley, determined to apply what he’d learned growing almonds, join the public conversation about almond farming and play his own small part in battling climate change. MORE

Discover the true meaning of an Aussie welcome

In Australia, G’day is the start of every great adventure. Gnarly surf and awesome opera in Sydney . . .Exquisite dining and vibrant city culture in Melbourne . . .Untouched wilderness and savory seafood in Tasmania . . .Red rock icons and rich Indigenous culture in the Northern Territory . . .Coral gardens, paradise islands and rainforest wanders in Queensland. Australia. MORE

Need for Speed: Vegas Gets Its Own GP

Crooners and Sin City legends. World famous rock bands. Even memorable movie characters (be they committing capers or piecing together a wild night out). There’s one thing they all had in common: All of them cruised the Las Vegas Strip. MORE

California Dairy Farmers are well on their way to climate neutrality.

In that regard, the state’s dairy industry is very much in sync with goals discussed and established at the recent United Nations Climate Summit (COP26) in Scotland, as well as California’s ongoing efforts to remain at the forefront of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. MORE

LA Times

The Next Challenge in Combatting Covid-19

A year ago, when the nation was confronted with a deadly pandemic, it seemed like an almost impossible quest that the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries — and the government agencies — could research, develop, authorize and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2020. MORE

Underwater Adventures

Some call it inner space—the more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface that lies underwater. Since the dawn of human history, people have wondered what sits below the surface and tried to figure out means by which they could explore the submarine world. MORE

‘Oktober’ starts right now in Vegas

Can’t make it all the way to Germany for Oktoberfest? Although it’s the polar opposite of Munich in just about every possible way, Las Vegas is a pretty good place to quaff beer, munch German cuisine and shout “Prost” during the month of October, from The Strip and Downtown, and in local bars, clubs and restaurants. MORE

Many Presbyterian Homes residents keep working and even find exciting new careers post-retirement

“Retire Nothing” is more than just a recurring mantra at Presbyterian Homes, a network of vibrant retirement communities in the suburbs of Evanston, Lake Forest and Arlington Heights. MORE

How to feel healthier and younger at any age

It’s never too late to jump on the physical fitness bandwagon. Just look at fitness gurus Jane Fonda and the late Jack LaLanne, seniors who have demonstrated the benefits of exercise well past 65. MORE

New cancer drugs promise better outcomes, fewer side effects

A new wave of recently approved treatments is expected to significantly alter the fight against cancer. MORE


As a Creative Services Manager and Writer/Researcher for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Joe has undertaken editing and writing assignments in disaster areas.

His deployments have included:

  • Instructed online course for new Fema writers (2021)
  • Magna Earthquake in Utah (2020)
  • Hurricane Matthew in Florida (2018)
  • Hurricane Harvey in Texas (2017)
  • Watershed Project in Louisiana (2017)
  • Hurricane Matthew in Florida (2016)
  • Killer tornadoes in Oklahoma (2014, 2015 and 2019)
  • Superstorm Sandy along the Jersey Shore (2012)
  • Severe floods in North Dakota (2011)

Joe’s body of work for FEMA includes press releases, public service announcements, speech writing, talking points, op-ed pieces for local newspapers, and articles for FEMA Weekly, as well as a booklet on the relationship between FEMA and Native American tribes, a briefing packet on Sandy for the New Jersey Congressional delegation, and a welcome packet for temporary housing residents in North Dakota.


A series of Newspaper articles and video scripts on UNESCO Marine World Heritage Sites around the World


Blogs about travel, food, wildlife, flora, environmental concerns and much for in Africa, South America and Europe for leading adventure travel companies in the US and Canada. 

Corporate book on history of Appleton Rum

Commissioned by Gruppo Campari in San Francisco and Milan to research and document the 400-year-old history of Appleton Rum in Jamaica. Project included both archival research in Kingston and interviews with past and present Appleton corporate executives. Photography included current and historical Appleton properties as well as maps and documents at Jamaica National Archives.