Corporate and Government

Joe also takes on media and communications projects for companies, government agencies and private individuals internationally. His gigs run a gamut from corporate books, ebooks, itineraries, blogs and brochures to photography, video scripts, recorded interviews, website writing, press releases and advertorials. Joe’s  private and public sector clients include FEMA and UNESCO to rum makers, cruise lines, travel firms and luxury hotels. 


As a Creative Services Manager and Writer/Researcher for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Joe has undertaken editing and writing assignments in disaster areas.

His deployments have included:

  • Hurricane Harvey in Texas (2017)
  • Watershed Project in Louisiana (2017)
  • Hurricane Matthew in Florida (2016)
  • Killer tornadoes in Oklahoma (2014 and 2015)
  • Superstorm Sandy along the Jersey Shore (2012)
  • Severe floods in North Dakota (2011)

Joe’s body of work for FEMA includes press releases, public service announcements, speech writing, talking points, op-ed pieces for local newspapers, and articles for FEMA Weekly, as well as a booklet on the relationship between FEMA and Native American tribes, a briefing packet on Sandy for the New Jersey Congressional delegation, and a welcome packet for temporary housing residents in North Dakota.

Fema_Storm_damaged_Home Fema_Temporary_housing Fema_Storm_damanged_roller_coaster

Yogerst also edited FEMA’s Souris Basin Regional Recovery Strategy booklet and the Louisiana Watershed Resiliency Study.

Souris Basis Strategy front cover Louisiana Watershed Resiliency Study


Series of newspaper articles and video scripts on Unesco Marine World Heritage Sites around the world. ​
Unesco_series_screenshot Unesco_series_screenshot Unesco_series_screenshot
Unesco_series_screenshot Unesco_series_screenshot Tides of Time screenshot


Blogs about travel, food, wildlife, flora, environmental concerns and much for in Africa, South America and Europe for leading adventure travel companies in the US and Canada. 

boat in fijord woman on horseback

Appleton Rum

Book on the 400-year-old history of Appleton Rum in Jamaica. Client was Gruppo Campari in San Francisco and Milan. Project included both archival research and interviews with past and present corporate executives. Photography included current and historical Appleton properties as well as organizing bids for the editing, design, packing and printing of the book.

 Appleton_Rum_warehouse  Antique_map_of_Appleton_estate_jamaica  Bottles_of_Appleton_Rum

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